Google Talk with your browser!

Google talk in the browserFor some reason I’ve been selected my the google company to have the new interface of gmail, where you can use google talk without even installing it! Yes you’ve read that right. When I log in to Google, I immediately see a quick contacts list of people who are online (on googletalk), and I can chat with them as if I was using the actual application! Only voice is missing, but I don’t use that anyway (Skype fan), so I am really happy.Now I can google-talk with my friends on *any* computer without having to install plugins, upgrading MSN otherwise contaminating the host’s computer. I am really impressed and amazed (for the past 3 hours or so). Go Google! I feel like buying a t-shirt now 🙂

Oh yeah, and it works in both FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. And I am not kidding.

Auch, and I just missed the scoop on Slashdot… I could have been a succesful submitter. so close, so close.


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