Ducati Desmodesi Supersport

A few weeks ago I completed a small model of a Ducati race bike. I did do some modelling some years ago, but it gradualy lost my interest. Then, a friend of mine came along and brought this small model of a motobike because I just got my motorbike driverslicense. He didn’t expect I’d really build it, but I did, and I think the result is pretty decent, considering it’s size.

And yes, it was really a model. Here you can see some parts during the build.

I really got the taste building bikes, so I bought a 1:9 scale Italeri model of a Ducati Monster S4 Fogerty. I will upload images during the build in the next few days/weeks. I also found my old airbrush, and made an adapter to connect it to my compressor. The compressor has a 24 liters airtank, and a pressure reducing device so I can make the pressure going into the brush between 1 and 8 bar. It really works great, and I have allready painted the frame, the tank and the engine of the Ducati Monster with it. More pictures to come!

Here is a picture of the adapter. On the right, there is a large (1/4″) connector to connect the compressor airhose to. On the left, there is a small connector to which a Badger or Revell airhose can be connected which leads to the airbrush. I got the small connector by destroying the Badger aircan connector.


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  1. […] because at some point, you simply can’t add more detail, and it will look good. I built my first ducati in less time, without an airbrush, and it looks quite nice. I think I’ll stick with the […]

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