Miling machine

16mm mill detail Yes, that’s right. That’s a mill you’re looking at. And yes, that photo was taken at my workshop. Last week I took a couple of days off from work, and decided to do another workshop upgrade session. After buying some decent wrenching tools, I spent some hours on the web looking for a nice bench drill. I was thinking of buying a cheap mill later on, but I found a nice combination of the two at the locloods. This small mill, the HMD Black & Red X1-super, is a nice hybrid. It operates like a bench drill, but when the handle is locked, you can use the wheels to precisely control X and Y movement of the working piece and Z movement of the mill.

Milling MachineI made a nice sturdy table for the mill to rest on and bolted it on. It was a bit hard to get the mill on the high table, because it weighs about 45 kilograms and it’s really hard to grab on to. I’ve put a piece of white MDF board on the wall to hold the tools that go with the mill. Putting pieces of wood against the wall to hold tools is terrific. I’ve also done this with the tools for my lathe, see the zundapp image gallery for more pictures of the workshop.

What was once a gray and dark place to just park a car in, is now almost a solarium with lots of tools. There’s still a lot of work to be done to get the workshop completely ready, and I wonder if it will ever be finished, but it’s becomming more practical every day.

Workshop panorama


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