Mopeds are cool

Today I picked up my old moped at my parents house. Yes, that’s right, I’m 33 and I still have my very first moped. It’s a real special one. I belonged to my grandfather, who passed it on to my nephew, who passed it on to me when I turned 15. When I got it it needed a lot of work. I spent some months taking it completely apart with my dad. We didn’t have a workshop back then, so we took it apart in the kitchen, of my parent’s apartment on the 7th floor :-)When I turned 16 it was ready and better than new. It was really cool to have a classic Zundapp CS50. At that time, it looked like a motorbike next to my friend’s puchs and peugeots. It really was a dream to ride, you could sit for hours on it without getting tired. I drove it for a good 6 years before it went in to “hibernation”.

So, having my own home and my own workshop right now, I decided it was a good time to pick it up and make it run once again. These German mopeds are made to last, I can tell you. When I get it running again I am sure it will be able to run for at least another 20 years or so, provided it gets reasonable maintenance.

Browse through the “Zundapp” gallery to see more pictures.


5 Responses to Mopeds are cool

  1. naxhi says:

    hello i am a boy that is looking forward into buying A moped of this type of model and not the ugly cali ones and i was wanting to know where i could these mopes maybe a store name but this is a very nice moped

  2. rolfje says:

    Hi, I’m afraid the Zundapp CS50 is no longer made. You might be able to get one second hand, but you would be on your own when it gets to repairs and parts.

    There are some companies who specialize in parts for classics like this. A local example in The Netherlands is

    If it’s classics you are looking for you might also want to check out Kreidler ( ).

    If you’re just looking for a reliable moped which does not look like the commonplace plastic scooter, maybe you should look at more modern mopeds. There are quite a few nice mopeds on the market these days:

    Have fun looking for a moped. Take care, and remember to always wear a helmet.

  3. naxhi says:

    thanks man so ill check out the web but when you mean these no longer made is it that they dont have motorcycle models or is that they dont have much classics?

  4. rolfje says:

    I mean that this particular moped, the Zundapp CS50, is no longer being made. But there are plenty of motorcycle-model mopeds out there.

    You do have to search for them, because I noticed that the local dealers generally only sell the plastic scooter crap. They can order different mopeds for you.

    Second hand is maybe also an option, I saw a couple of Aprillia Red Roses on sale. It looks more like a chopper:

  5. naxhi says:

    where can i find this model you suggested

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